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Top Tier Defence Team

A.K. Legal defends clients pre-charge and if you face serious criminal investigation it is “not over” – a charge is by no means inevitable.

This exclusive defence team will ensure that full pre-charge representations are made to seek to persuade the Crown Prosecution Service not to charge you, based on a detailed analysis of the law and the facts of the case, including evidence we may gather on your behalf.

This involves a high level of expertise in police and prosecution procedures and in the law which applies to decisions as to whether to bring criminal charges under the Prosecution of Offences Act.

Highest Level Of Service

We are regularly instructed to represent clients in high profile cases.
Needless to say, our combined experience provides clients with the best possible defence, to tackle all eventualities.

Clients choosing the highest level of representation benefit from A.K.Legal pro-active defence partnership, including unfettered direct access to the team by telephone, Text, WhatsApp and email, together with regular face-to-face meetings at any convenient location. This includes drawing on their joint expertise of representing high profile cases throughout England and Wales and Beyond.

What Makes our Service Unique?

Our highest level of service allows direct access to barristers and senior lawyers, ensuring that clients are supported through what is the most stressful time of their lives.

Access of this nature is unorthodox as most law firms will have a secretarial system, many lawyers are unavailable outside of office hours and senior counsel/ barristers in particular can seem to only surface at court hearings. This level of direct access continues from as soon as a top tier instruction is confirmed until it has been concluded in full, whether at the pre-charge stage or in any court proceedings which may follow.

Our Specialist Areas

The A.K. Legal team has successfully tailored defence packages for clients facing or worried about serious criminal and fraud investigations, representing clients to ensure their interests are protected at all times. Whether defending in multi-million pound fraud investigations, or acting for clients accused of sexual or violent offences, we offer the reassurance of complete professionalism combined with an approachable and personal style.

What Results Can I Expect

Our ethos is “prevention is better than cure”, engaging immediately in a pro-active defence process rather than simply waiting to see what happens and hoping for the best.
A.k. Legal act for and react to any allegation or crisis with defence creativity to seek to ensure that clients are restored back to their lives and to avoid serious consequences and penalties, wherever possible.

We will offer our legal expertise and tactical instincts and engage successfully with the police and prosecution authorities.
It is all too often that clients believe there is “nothing they can do” whilst on bail and following arrest. We continue to successfully engage to end serious investigations against clients, during their bail and investigation period, avoiding formal criminal proceedings altogether. Their niche expertise in pre-charge strategy has changed the lives of many clients, who might otherwise have faced prosecution, imprisonment and financial ruin.

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