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Our serious crime department is highly respected and is renowned for its high acquittals, fearless defence, and overall success rates.

We put our clients’ needs first. We tailor our approach around each client. As a result, we have successfully defended in many high profile / high impact cases throughout the country, facing prosecutions brought by SOCA (now the National Crime Agency (NCA)), CPS, HMRC, and specialist police squads to name but a few.

Our criminal lawyers provide expert legal defence advice and defence representation in court, throughout the country, to those suspected of or charged with offences relating to serious crime.
We can provide criminal lawyers throughout the UK, we are a criminal defence law firm with serious crime cases throughout the UK.

As criminal lawyers, we have acted in many high-profile cases over the years, acting for clients charged with the most serious of criminal offences including murder, manslaughter, drug importation and supply, diversion and fraud, conspiracy, terrorism, and burglary.

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Especially on cases of CONSPIRACIES be in drugs supply or fraud or business crime or murder, we have got it covered.

We know how important it is that you are well represented, either in court or at the police station.

 AK LEGAL (branch of Hussain Solicitors) has a reputation for high quality work. Our case success is based on the extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and procedure, with the necessary experience and skills to assess the evidence and defences that apply.

Our criminal lawyers offer free initial consultation for legal advice, either over the phone, via e-mail or face to face at our state-of-the-art luxury offices or we will be more than happy to come to you.


It’s important to note that the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has now been replaced by the National Crime Agency (NCA). Our lawyers can help you with a wide range of serious crime legal issues, including defence against NCA investigations or prosecutions.

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Asad Khan LLB Hons FCILEx

Senior Lawyer and Criminal Advocate

Serious and Complex Crime Specialist

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A.K. Legal (branch of Hussain Solicitors) are a firm of leading UK criminal lawyers headed by Asad Khan. We are regularly instructed to represent in high profile headline cases.

We are known for having a sharp eye for detail, superb technical ability, and a litigation instinct developed over many years of practice.

We are authorised to conduct litigation in relation to all areas of criminal practice. Regularly instructed on conspiracies and complex crime for his expertise in serious criminal defence and relentless pursuance right from the initial instruction and throughout.​


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NOTABLE CASES (non-exhaustive samples)

  • Cyber Fraud, 2019

Large scale cyber fraud investigation and purchase of hacked and stolen cards in secret websites through access points on the internet.

  • Operation 6950/14, 2018

The Defendant was charged with conspiracy to handle motor vehicles in the West Midlands area valued in excess of £1m. The evidence in the case covers 3 years of investigation and over 25,000 pages of documents and electronic evidence. The Defendant was regarded as an expert in radio frequency and using special electronic techniques. Exposed prosecution experts knowledge in RF and systems operating in wider car market comparing new and old electronic and computer systems.
The Defendant was found not guilty of all counts by unanimous jury acquittal.

  • Operation Springtime, 2016

Multi handed drug dealing gangs merge operations across West Midlands. 20 Defendants, 10 involving trial- D case was hung on both counts of conspiracy to supply -prosecution retrial only on possession.

  • Operation Anchor, 2016

Multi-handed conspiracy to steal high value cars using expert techniques.

  • 2018/19

Ponzi fraud investment scandals directors investigations international, investigation led by SFO.

Feel free to call and discuss your case and receive advice as to how you might proceed.

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